Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Strangest Dream I've Ever Had

Yesterday I had the strangest dream I've ever had. It started normally enough - I had to fly back to Memphis from Los Angeles. At the airport I got my tickets and I noticed that I was going through Moscow, Russia. I thought it was a strange layover, but I was willing to go along with it. In Moscow, I was kidnapped and taken to a soviet community!

There was a group of us, and a man known only as "the General" was our overseer. We weren't mistreated at all, and it was explained to us that we were exposed to a Russian ray of some type, and any metal in our bodies had been converted to something else that was top-secret. (I have dental implants, which  were apparently enough to land me in the settlement.)

In our cell / room, there were two aquariums, one of which had a large snapping turtle. I remember being very concerned because the snapping turtle would eat the smaller fish. Allusion of some type?

Years passed, and over time we were allowed into the community. It was a small, communal farming committee with a general store and farmer's market. We weren't fully integrated into the society, but we weren't excluded either. Still, the need to get home was there.

At one point we tried crawling through the air conduits, and there we met a woman who seemed to know information. She told us that everyone there was with the Russian military - the farmers, the shop workers, etc. Also, the General wasn't a general at all, but a colonel. She came with us back to our room, and there she  shot the General right in the face. As we escaped, the CIA rolled in and took us home.

The end.

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